History of Wiechlice village

The first mention of the village of Wiechlice comes from 1263 and is related to the indulgence granted by the foundation of the Marian altar in the sprat church. Another, from 1538, mentions the owner of Wiechlic – Krzysztof von Kittlitz – as owner of knightly goods.

Another owner of Wiechlice is from the 17th century Jerzy von Haugwitz. Wiechlice remained in the hands of four successive generations of this family until the beginning of the 18th century. In 1718 the property was sold for 70,000 tales to Baltazar von Stosch and then transferred to his son Aleksander von Stosch. The wealth then hit the hands of von Studnitz and later to Beata von Niebelschutz and then to her daughter Vitzthum von Eckstadt. The last owners sold Wiechlice the owner of the property – Jerzy Zygmunt Neuman.

History of the Wiechlice Palace

In 1786 the Wiechlice estate was bought by Jerzy Zygmunt Neumen, who initiated the construction of the present palace complex..

The founder did not have a nobleman’s identity. Thanks to diligence and undoubtedly a great sense of business, administering numerous goods, including Wiechlice’s fortune reached a fortune enabling him to buy Wiechlic in 1786, and in the following years also several other villages.

Time to build the palace determine two dates. The first is 1790, the second is 1798. Jerzy Zygmunt bought Wiechlice 10 years before his death, which took place in 1796. The construction work in Wiechlice undertaken by him, covering not only the mansion but also the whole complex of buildings, did not allow him to completely finish the work begun. That is why, among others. In his will, there are provisions for the construction of the Manor. Krystian Willhelm continued the work begun by his father by building most of the buildings. The next owner of Wiechlic – the grandson of Jerzy Zygmunt, was working on the farm buildings. The reconstruction of the palace took place in the third quarter of the 19th century.

The interiors are enriched with classic stucco decor. In the building of the palace with a small park, there are many species of trees and bushes, dominated by oak, lime and acacia. On the edge of the park stands a gardener’s home, built in 1855, designed by Thomas. Farm buildings are from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Around 1890, a garden with a representative staircase was added to the garden façade and a portico was added to the façade. The property is brick, set on a rectangular plan (15x30m), with quadrilateral projection on the west side, storey, covered with a mansarded roof with pediment.

In 2007 the new owner – Zbigniew Czmuda bought the object and decided to rebuild it, putting all his heart and work into it to faithfully reproduce his former beauty according to the old German building art based on natural mineral components. The refurbished buildings of the palace and the annexes include limestone plaster, the walls are covered with lime paint, the windows and doors have been painted with organic paint, and the wooden floors are natural oils and waxes.

Wiechlice Palace was created with the intention of providing endless satisfaction to its guests.