Body Rituals by KUO's PROFESSIONAL


Treatment for people with the cellulite problems

Anti-cellulite treatment, which results in increased fluid drainage and dissolving of fatty deposits. The use of massage techniques that affect the connective tissue gives a unique effect. Presence of caffeine (Alga Parda) Brownies and (Alga Laminaria) Algae Laminaria causes neutralization of fatty nodules and stimulation of microcirculation, helping to eliminate toxins. In addition, they favor the restructuring of the epidermis, moisturizing and firming the skin.

RITUAL CANDLE – 250,00 zł

Recommended for people request  rest and relaxation

Natural soya oils, avocados and Shea butter are the perfect combination of oils that moisturize the skin and leave it fragrant and soft to the touch. True pleasure for the body and delight for the senses. A ritual that, together with the emotional and spiritual effects produced by the stimulation of the senses and the warm touch of hot oils, will create a unique and unmatched experience. The ritual consists of a peeling of the whole body combined with a relaxing massage of aromatic candles.

Body relaxing massage with KUO’s Candles –  200,00zł
Back relaxing massage with KUO’s Candles –  100,00zł

KUO’s Professional candle aromas used during the treatment will make the massage a unique experience that will bring into sensual experience and deep relaxation.


Ritual for people who want to shape their body.

Most of our problems, stress and fatigue cause muscle imbalance and lack of respiratory pattern. The concept of the treatment is to build a harmonious body posture. Kuo’s has developed a ritual based on the Pilates exercise – a program that improves fitness, dumps unnecessary pounds and carries a slim silhouette above all else.


Ritual for those who seek relaxation and skin hydration.

Ritual inspired by the Pacific seas, which contain the essences and aromas of red fruits. It is characterized by regenerating ingredients: alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, algae and mineral salts responsible for hydrolipid skin hydration. It consists of Hawaiian massage techniques Lomi Lomi based on the philosophy of Huna – seeking harmony and love for all that exists. With gentle, “flowing” movements, Lomi Lomi massage works subtle and deep. Nourishes the body and gives a great relief. Most work takes place at the level of transferring the energy to the massage therapist, through the work of the hands and heart. This massage helps to release the emotions, negative thoughts and patterns of behavior that are stored in our body cells.

Facial Rituals by KUO's PROFESSIONAL


The flagship and exclusive KUO’S treatment, based on a combination
of two active substances.

Liquid Concentrate regenerates skin tissue at cellular level. Apparently it reduces mimic wrinkles and unifies the skin tone. The corrected skin regains all its elasticity, radiance and firmness. The EGF supplement is one of the following active substances:

  1. CAVIAR & PEARL (C&P) – Concentrate provides skin with extra hydration and nourishment that supports the rejuvenation process. It works strongly against wrinkles, regenerating, moisturizing and firming.
  2. EXTRACT SNAIL (ES) – lightens and moisturizes the skin. Apparently it reduces wrinkles and imperfections of the skin by combining hyaluronic acid and concentrated snail mucus. It revitalizes the skin by restoring its elasticity and tissue regeneration.
  3. NUTRITIVE ELIXIR (NE) – moisturizes the skin, nourishes and regenerates. Restores the protective function of the skin, is very well tolerated by sensitive skin

Balancing and cleansing, for oily and acne skin.

By highly concentrated balancing line products, the treatment regulates excess sebum in the skin, cleanses it, has antimicrobial effect and keeps the skin moisturized without drying. Products contain Menthol, which has refreshing and astringent properties.


Regenerative treatmeant with body massage and hair nourishing, for dry skin and people who request deep relaxation.

A natural line from Africa and the Middle East developed by masters who created cosmetics that stop the passage of time on the skin. Argan oil has a high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids including Omega 6, has the function of repair and protection of the skin. Bamboo contains silica (an important substance for the body, especially skin and bones). I stimulate collagen synthesis in connective tissue which provides skin elasticity. Ritual is a relaxing treatment, where the company’s facial massage and hair care with argan oil.


Calming,  for sensitive and delicate skin

Soothing and reducing congestion line, suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin that require special care. Contains azulene and bisabobol, which have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce congestion and soothing and regenerating properties. It moisturizes and protects, soothes skin and does not cause irritation, while regulating skin hydration.


Firming and regenerating, for mature skin.

An anti-aging line that reduces facial wrinkles, the face after the treatment is smoother and brightened. Skin elasticity and firmness increase. The line has regenerating, protective, firming, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties.


Renewing- oxygenating, for oily discolored skin

The refreshing line offers an exclusive skin oxygenating treatment. Contains acids A.H.A. These are fruit acids – natural fruit and plant ingredients that regenerate, level up, and neutralize stains.


For all skin types, even sensitive.

Collagen is a protein in the skin, which worsens with age, especially after the age of 30. Without the help and presence of collagen fibers, skin loses elasticity, smoothness and firmness. The great advantage of the treatment is its full compatibility with skin cells and assimilation by all skin types, even sensitive.


Renewing and  revitalizing, for all skin types.

The treatment with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid improves skin firmness, accelerates collagen synthesis in the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, unifies skin tone, strengthens blood vessels and illuminates the skin.

In the modern world there is practically no way to escape from the outside world. Stress, fatigue and tension. People have less and less time to regenerate a tired body and mind. Rapid, deep physical and mental relaxation is the key to a better life.

We have this key- FLOATING!

Floating is lifting on the water surface in a specially prepared Cabin with using therapy R.E.S.T. This therapy involves limiting about 90% of external stimuli. In a closed environment posed by cabin disappearing external stimuli acting on the body and mind. Floating in the highly concentrated solution of EPSOM salt and the temperature inside the cabin adapted to the body temperature cause a sensation of weightlessness. Cutting off the visual stimuli and reducing sounds almost to zero makes our brain switches to the waves, which are characteristic of deep relaxation (ALPHA waves) and meditation (THETA waves).

One treatment takes 60 minutes, however, there is a possibility to extend the session

Physiological benefits:
  • Relieves the muscles, joints and spine
  • Significantly reduces headaches and migraines
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Improves and nourishes the skin
  • Reduces the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, prevents overtraining
  • Accelerates regeneration
  • Reduce pain from fractures and bruises
  • Relieves pregnant women, relieving tired back
Psychological benefits:
  • Improves mood by releasing endorphins
  • Work antidepressant
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increases concentration and learning ability
  • Reduces fatigue
  • One hour session is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep
  • Synchronizing the two cerebral hemispheres
Cost of one seans in Cabine ( 60 min ) – 115,00 zł.

Relaxing back massage – 60,00 PLN
Relaxing whole body massage – 120,00 PLN
Hot Stones back massage – 80,00 PLN
Hot Stones whole body massage – 170,00 PLN
Thai stamps back massage – 80,00 PLN
Thai Stamps whole body massage – 150,00 PLN
Bamboo back massage – 80,00 PLN
Bamboo legs massage -60,00 PLN
Bamboo whole body massage – 150,00 PLN
Body peeling + Vichy Shower – 110,00 PLN

Mesotherapy (without needles) – 200,00 PLN
Massage with pearls – 50,00 PLN
Stimulating and anti wrinkle massage – 45,00 PLN
Massage with herbal stamps – 50,00 PLN
Massage with electro gloves (face and neck) – 80,00 PLN
Dermoleds massage + Mesococtail +mask – 120,00 PLN
Microdermabrasion + mask – 100,00 PLN
Cavitation peeling – 50,00 PLN
Cavitation peeling + smooth out wrinkles – 110,00 PLN

Therapeutic body massage – 180,00 PLN
Therapeutic partial massage – 80,00 PLN
Classic body massage – 170,00 PLN
Classic partial massage – 80,00 PLN
Feet reflexotherapy – 90,00 PLN
Feet massage – 70,00 PLN
Hands massage – 60,00 PLN
Legs lymphatic drainage – 100,00 PLN
Arms lymphatic drainage – 100,00 PLN
Partial lymphatic drainage – 80,00 PLN
Chinese bubble Massage – 70,00 PLN
Abdomen/ thighs / buttocks electro stimulation – 40,00 PLN

Manicure – 50,00 PLN
Japanese manicure – 50,00 PLN
Hybrid Manicure – 60,00 PLN
Manicure spa – 70,00 PLN
Pedicure – 90,00 PLN
Pedicure spa – 110,00 PLN
Hybrid pedicure – 110,00 PLN
Paraffin treatment for feet/hands – 50,00 PLN
Eyebrow regulation – 10,00 PLN
Eyebrows/eyelashes tinting – 20,00 PLN
Ear candling – 40,00 PLN
Mustache / beard waxing – 20,00 PLN
Armpits waxing – 40,00 PLN
Hands/bikini waxing – 50,00 PLN
Back waxing – 60,00 PLN
Legs waxing – 80,00 PLN

Face Cleasing Treatment- 80,00 PLN

Express Manicure – 30,00 PLN

Express Pedicure – 70,00 PLN

Basen i strefa saun – 25 zł/1,5h
Basen i strefę saun – 10 wejść x 1,5h – 200 zł

Rollmasaż – wejście jednorazowe – 10 zł;
Rollmasaż – karnet na 10 wejść – 50 zł

Wibra line – wejście jednorazowe – 15 zł
Wibra line – karnet na 10 wejść – 120 zł

V-line (Bieżnia w podciśnieniu) – wejście jednorazowe – 20 zł
V-line (Bieżnia w podciśnieniu) – karnet na 10 wejść – 100 zł

Tenis stołowy (z wyrzutnią piłeczek) – 20 zł/1h

Wypożyczenie sprzętu do ćwiczeń w wodzie – 40 zł/1h