-Salmon marinated in lime and honey, with a red currant and garlic
-Duck Fillet smoked with cherry smoke, celery-apple puree and polish herbs.

-T-bone steak with garlic butter, roasted potatoes and string-bean
-Lamb with caramel, nuts, chanterelle sauce and roasted potatoes
-Duck breast served with apples, puree of green peas and acacia-honey
-Baked Halibut served with wild rice and caper sauce based on white wine from our vineyard
(Cuvee- Johanniter and Solaris)


– Rolled smoked salmon served on toast
– Grilled Camembert with caramelized pear and cranberry
– Grilled eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese and marinated tomato
– Steak tartare with chopped beef tenderloin
– Mussels St. James fried in butter with garlic and parsley


– Exquisite soup with porcini and morel
– Duck Soup with hom emade noodles
– Sour-rye soup with egg and sausage
– French onion soup with crouton


– Palace venison stew with vegetable kaszotto and red cabbage
– Duck roasted with caramelised apple with fried potatoes and red cabbage
– Medallions of pork loin with green pepper sauce, potato dumplings and steamed broccoli
– Veal schnitzel with chips
– Veal cheeks with white charlock, groats with mushrooms with beet-apple sauce based on wine
– Ribs in honey-plum marinade served with baked potatoes, fried cabbage and barbecue sauce
– Beef sirloin steak with grilled vegatables and almond fingers
– Supreme of Chicken with potato slices and the blanched spinach and cherry tomatoes


– Fried trout stuffed with butter and garlic potatoes with dill and lettuce with a lemon vinaigrette
– Salmon fillet with rice and baby carrot
– New Zealand Mussels (10 pcs.) steamed in white wine, lime rind, garlic and parsley


– Tagliatelle with salmon marinated zucchini and tomatoes
– Dumplings with cream
– Meat dumplings with butter relish
– Dumplings with deer in morel mushrooms sauce
– Potato pancakes with zucchini served with morels in cream


– Salad with grilled beef tenderloin, lettuce, celery, tomato, red onion and mango- jalapeno sauce
– Grilled goat roulade (150g) of French mold cheese served on toast and green salad
– Salad with vinaigrette


– Duck Soup with noodles
– Pancakes (2 pcs.) with apples and nutella
– Chicken breast served with french fries


– Fruit sorbet
– Apple pie with ice-cream and cream
– Cheese cake with raspberries souce
– Ice cream dessert
– Chocolate soufflé with cream Namelaka
– Baked apple with cinnamon, cranberries and raisins, served with vanilla foam